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Dr Ajay Mehta

(Course Organiser)

  • Ajay ranked in the Top 50 in the 2016/17 interview process and he offers a unique perspective on how to tackle the interview.

  • He has been a supporter for Akshaya Patra since BDS3 and after arranging a range of talks at university, adopting one school in India as a dental student. 

  • DFT Charity Course was created by Ajay a few weeks after he qualified. Since then, the course has adopted 15 schools in India and educated nearly 250 dental students.

  • Ajay is a youth ambassador for the Akshaya Patra Foundation. 

  • He helped relaunch BDA Enfield, which was closed for over 7 years and he has been organising meetings for local dentists since BDS3.

  • Ajay re-launched the BDA Young Dentist Group across London and Middlesex and he is the chair of this committee. 

  • He was National Student President for Heart Your Smile, running a committee of 14 students across 5 universities.

  • He has an array of skills having been on over 10 committees at university, including the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD). 

  • He will be giving an insight into the PML station (on which he scored 100%), the interview overall and how to tackle the individual stations. 

  • Currently, he is working in two practices with a keen interest in Invisalign and has been a finalist as ‘Best Young Dentist’ at the ‘Private Dentistry Awards’ ,’The Dentistry Awards’ and ‘The Dental Awards’. 

  • He has won two awards at the ‘Private Dentistry Awards” and has won numerous awards at Undergraduate level. 

A seminar organised and hosted by Dr. Ajay Mehta with over 300 attendees.

A seminar organised and hosted by Dr. Ajay Mehta at King's College London with the winner of 'The Apprentice', Dr. Leah Totton.

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