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Q: What makes your course unique?

A: Please see the ‘Why Choose Us?’ section. I remember being in a student in 2016 where there were many courses/books available. I have been running the course for 3 years now and I understand what makes an excellent candidate for the DFT interview. We have had multiple students rank in the Top 10.

Q: What if I have questions after the course?

A: After attending the course, the speakers and examiners stay in contact with you and we all support you constantly. 

Q: Why are there only limited spaces?

A: With the number of courses and books available everyone reaches the same standard in terms of the knowledge acquired. We have learnt this over the last few years and although it is a structured interview there are ways to stand out. This is why we have only 150 places for the course to make sure that our attendees can stand out from the crowd to get the job they want and the highest ranking possible, rather than be part of a large cohort. It also means we can give more one-to-one support. Last year, we had a waiting list of 300+ students but we want to ensure our delegates are unique.  

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