What is the DFT Interview?

Please note:

– The SJT paper will be online and at a Pearson Vue centre.


2019/2020 Statistics


1110 candidates applied and 1072 candidates were invited for interview. 1072 candidates attended the interview and 905 offers were made. This was true as of June 2020. 

SJT (Situational Judgement Test)

Station Time:

% Worth:

105 minutes


This station relates to the candidates ability to judge a scenario and give most appropriate response. There are two types of question in this station:

  • Ranking Based Questions: The candidate has to rank five responses to a certain scenario from most appropriate to least appropriate. (42 questions).

  • ‘Best of 3’ Questions: The candidate has to select the 3 most appropriate actions to take in a certain situation.  (12 questions).


Station Time:

% Worth: 

Preparation Time: 

Number of Examiners:

10 minutes


5 minutes

(Please note that you may have an external examiner observing you too)

This station relates to the candidates ability to deal with a patient who is a trained medical actor, with an examiner observing the candidate. You will be marked by both the actor and the examiner.

Communication is all about communicating WITH someone not AT someone. Our course stands out from others with unique tips to tackle the most difficult actors, and to make sure you don’t sound like other candidates.